Station Lineup

Russ Parr Morning Show
Monday – Friday 5am – 9am

E-Vette Lopez
Monday – Friday 9am – 2pm

Harold Presley
Monday –Friday 2pm – 6pm

The Steve-O Night Show
Monday – Friday 6pm – 10pm

Lascelles Hurd
Sunday –Thursday 10pm – 1am

Baka Boys Master Mix
Fridays 10pm -1am
Sundays 3pm -5pm

101.9 the Beat (jukebox)
Saturday 1am -6am

AJ Whiteside
Saturdays 6am – 10am

DL Cruz
Saturdays 10am – 2pm

Harold Presley
Saturdays 2pm – 6pm

Club 101.9
Saturdays 6pm – 2am

101.9 the Beat (jukebox)
Sunday 2am-6am

Issues/101.9 the Beat (jukebox)

Gospel Trakks
Sundays 7am – 9am

Sunday Morning Inspirations
9am – 11am

The Breakfast Club Weekend Countdown
Sundays 12pm – 3pm

101.9 the Beat (jukebox)
Sunday 6pm – 10pm