Lascelles Hurd


Birthdate: July 20th

Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Favorite food: Caribbean Cuisine

Pet Peeve: People that don’t agree to disagree

Funniest moment on-air: Thinking the mic was off while making a personal comment about a friend

You’d never know but….I’m crazy about you

What are you afraid of? You getting hurt

Favorite Song: Moments in love by “The Art of Noise”

Single or Taken: Keeping my options open

Motto: “Do it right or don’t do it at all”

Bad Habits: Can’t think of any right now.

What I would do if I wasn’t in radio: I’d be a TV news reporter

How did you get into radio? God gave me a voice that told me radio was my calling and I listened.

Three words that describe your personality: Mild, Caring and Calm

Hobbies: Basketball, listening to music, and playing soccer.