Harold Presley


Birthdate: September 25

Birthplace: Ennis, Texas

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Favorite food: Gotta go with anything Italian

Pet Peeve: Liars…can’t stand ‘em!

Funniest moment on-air: My first few weeks on the air…ever!  I said that “bad” word and my mic was live!

You’d never know but…. I can twirl a baton!.

What are you afraid of? RATS…anything rodent and I’m  OUT!

Favorite Song: Anything by my girl Toni Braxton!

Single or Taken: Mostly single.

Motto: “You be good and you be good at it”

Bad Habits: I do get a little impatient…sometimes!

What I would do if I wasn’t in radio: I’d be an actor!

How did you get into radio?  Classmate in an acting class said I had a great voice and should apply for a job at the station he was working.  I did, I got it and here I am!

Three words that describe your personality: Loyal, funny, playful

Hobbies: Listening to Music, acting, sports and all the usual stuff a “mostly single” guy would do!