E-Vette Lopez


Birthdate: April 13

Birthplace: B-Town (Gotta represent the B/CS)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Favorite food: Sushi

Pet Peeve: People that are fake and people who blow their nose in your ear….eewww!

Funniest moment on-air: My very first time on the mic….speechless!

You’d never know but…. I’m very shy & quiet.

What are you afraid of? All bugs, scared to death of heights, and nanitos!

Favorite Song: Butterflies by Alicia Keys.

Single or Taken: In a relationship..so yeah taken.

Motto: “Everything happens for a reason so when times get tough they can only get better.”

Bad Habits: Biting my fingernails and being a lil bossy….okay maybe tooo bossy…LOL!

What I would do if I wasn’t in radio: I couldn’t imagine that but…Anything in Music!

How did you get into radio? BIG THANX to Lascelles & Joseph for believing in me!!! Poor Joseph…I bugged him to death…I never left the station..LOL!

Three words that describe your personality: Down to earth,Loving,& ready to have a good time!

Hobbies: Listening to Music of course & spending time with family & friends